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You must have smoke alarms installed in your home – not only because it’s a legal requirement but also because it can save the lives of your family by providing an early warning in case of a fire. We install and replace residential smoke alarms in Bundaberg according to the latest industry and legislative guidelines for optimal operation and maximum protection.

Some fires, especially smouldering, produce odourless yet noxious fumes for many hours before bursting into flame. Modern smoke alarms are highly sensitive to most types of fires in the home and will set off an early warning. Let us ensure that your smoke alarms are of the latest design.

Why Use an Electrician for Smoke Alarm Installation?

Wading through the legislative requirements and technical data sheets of smoke alarms is probably not something the average homeowner considers a fun weekend task. Yet this is precisely what we do as qualified electricians because it ensures that our smoke alarm installations will provide maximum protection through complete coverage of the home. Further reasons include the following:


  • Isolated, battery-powered smoke alarms are convenient and may be correctly placed by the occupants, however, we recommend having a well-versed company undertake this.. This is a task that only a licensed electrician should perform because it often requires a bit of rewiring to isolate the smoke alarms on their own circuit.
  • Smoke alarms cannot be placed haphazardly. A trained understanding of the behaviour and flow of smoke and other noxious gases inside the home is required to place the alarms correctly. At the same time, it’s necessary to prevent false alarms, especially from the kitchen, without adding risk through non-placement.
  • Smoke alarms must be interlinked so that if a detector is triggered in one part of the home, it activates all the alarms. This increases the time available for the occupants to respond to the threat. It also requires dedicated wiring and setup of the smoke alarms.

About Premium Electrical Solutions for Smoke Alarms in Bundaberg

We have over 20 years of experience in residential electricity, and we consistently maintain our skills through knowledge development in all relevant areas. Smoke alarms are a legal requirement for a reason we support entirely: the safety of all our families. A smoke alarm system provides the right level of protection, provided it’s properly installed by a qualified electrician and regularly serviced, which includes changing the batteries on the first Sunday of April. When last did you inspect your smoke alarms?

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